My name is Rick Avila and my family has lived in the city of San Bernardino for many generations and I know all too well the beauty and prosperity we once had.  I have been involved in many civic activities, including many youth programs.

As your next Mayor, I will lead us out of bankruptcy by balancing the budget and creating resources that will increase needed revenue.  I believe we can achieve fiscal solvency without reducing police and fire services.

As the prime General Engineering Contractor for the Kendall Plaza project, I have employed 200 workers from the local area.  Kendall Plaza is one the largest retail and commercial projects in our city for decades.  Our next Mayor should understand what it takes to attract development and new businesses.  I have the ability to create local jobs that are financed by the private sector and not reliant on government subsidies.

I will be a "tough" Mayor who will make the "tough decisions" in order to save our city from its demise.

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Rick Avila for San Bernardino Mayor

"Its time for change"

Rick Avila wins endorsement of the San Bernardino Democratic Party